What’s Your Baby’s Poo Telling You? by Josh Richman and Anish Sheth, M.D.

What’s Your Baby’s Poo Telling You? by Anish Sheth M.D. and Josh Richman Avery Trade; $11.25 Hardcover, $9.78 Kindle 208 pp.; ISBN-13: 978-1583335437 So, “What’s Your Baby’s Poo Telling You?” showed up in our office the other day. And if the name wasn’t enough to grab your inner immaturity, the color of the book will. […]

Alicia Silverstone’s vegan toddler looks hungry

File this under bat shit crazy. Vegan actress, known for her role as ditsy, popular girl in “Clueless” back in 1995 doesn’t have much going on these days, so she clearly needs a shtick to keep her relevant. As much as we’d like our has-been celebrities to be known for science based medicine, that’s kind […]

Demi Moore needs to get over her postmenopausal self

Demi Moore bugs me. She shouldn’t bug me, because I don’t know her and obviously there are much more pressing issues in my life. I shouldn’t be wasting brain cells on some run-of-the-mill celebrity, but everyone has their dumb, unworthy little ¬†annoyance triggers and for some odd reason Demi Moore is mine. Typically, I go […]

Sponsored: Quick relief for children’s sore throat pain

Colds have been running rampant in our house this year. With record cold temperatures, snowfalls and wind chills, it seems everyone is keeping their germs inside where contagions become airborne and spread like wild fire. Now, I’ve been known to try many different products and tricks to help my kids feel better when they feel […]

Story claims single men adopting more, but is it true?

So, it seems that the Orlando Sentinel is trying to sell us on the notion that some non-gay men are adopting children simply because they want to be a parent and haven’t found a partner that they want to be with. It could happen. And there could be a million dollars stored in the walls […]

Are you turning into your mother?

By Danyelle Little for Completely You Last week while talking to my daughter for the umpteenth time about the importance of cleaning up her room, I felt a bit of familiarity that was too close to home. I began to have that dramatic shrill that my mom used to have when she chastised me about […]

Scrutinizing misleading breastfeeding headlines

I hate studies, or shall I say, headlines,¬†like these: While I fully acknowledge that breastfeeding is healthier for the mom and baby in the majority of cases, to say that it COULD prevent breast cancer in thousands of cases lacks perspective. I looked it up, there are about 300,000 new cases of breast cancer a […]

Happy Mother’s Day moms, and why we deserve it

Below is a heartwarming video from Fisher Price that inspired me to write this piece. I wish I had an angel that came to my rescue during those nights when pacing back and forth with a crying baby seemed like it would never end.: Sometimes at work, I hear the yawns of my colleagues and […]

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